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Kamis, 13 April 2017

How to Apply for Amazon Work From Home Jobs

amazon hiring at home jobs

Want to know, how to apply for amazon work from home jobs ?  check it out guys! ;) basically there are no different between apply home jobs or real! maybe a little because most of your work will be at home! so, that's why you'll need to qualify this minimum criteria! 

Microsoft Computer Requirements:
· 64-bit Operating System
· 10 mbps download speed or faster (10 mbps download and 5 mbps upload) from a reliable provider
· Must be directly connected to router/modem via Ethernet cable (no satellite or wireless internet)
· If you are using a laptop, it must be connected to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse
· Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or OSX 10.9 or higher · Windows Auto Update · Windows Defender

for more detail information pls visit this page 
and then type "virtual location" on refine result box you will get all home job at amazon! 

a little tips about work from home! well, basically to apply all jobs you'll need to do this! 

Do your Home work! this important! if we want to get a jobs, we have to know who are they, and in what industry, and the most important part is, you have to know your job desc! because you'll look good when they interviewing you, and you know almost about everything! and also you will more calm when they ask you some unpredictable question! for example, you apply for virtual call center for amazon german! for sure you'll need be able to speak german fluently! because most of the time, your jobs are dealing costumer complain from german! and if you only half knowing about their language! it could be wasting your time, in the end, you'll have to quit! a few tips from Headhunter! Find the most common problems in that job! what is, and learn about it! and find the best solution! if you can find the best method to handle that problems! most of the time, they will not think twice! in fact you'll get hired fast! 

Secondly! try to connect with the interviewer! it can help big time! because not only you that apply or need that job that's the fact! and if you can connect with them nicely! most of the time, they will remember about you! sometime when we get a jobs, its not because how good we are! instead how nice we are! and how to adapt with the environment! i.e team work! and always remember! HR manager don't want trouble maker! I know you are not! but there's some attitude that can make you fail on interview! try to be robot(lol) or someone that always do what your boss tell you to do! I know its weird! but most of the time it works! because most of manager want worker that always ready for the job! they don't want to hear your drama! that for sure!

Last but not least! try to understand company objective! they want profit, they want most reasonable spending! so most of the time, they will prefer with cheap cost rather than high cost! ;) if you know what I mean! maybe not all company! but most of them are!😎  I know some people quote this, about Ideal worker! they will hired you if they think you can make them easy money!😎 it mean, if you really good, have good attitude, and have good skill, for them you are like purple squirrel!

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