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Minggu, 16 April 2017

How to Apply for Jobs and Get Hired Fast!

Apply for Jobs

Want to know, How to Apply for Jobs, and get Hired almost immediately ?  Check it out guys ;) almost everyone need a jobs! that for sure! but to get hired, its all about demand, and how many jobs slot that available, and how many people that company will hired! yep, its all about Market laws! 

When we apply a regular jobs, e.g Staff administration, Assistance Manager, Factory worker, waitress or what ever, that too common! most of the time, we will not get hired! the reason simply because to many application and HR manager don't have time to read all application, including your application! so the big question is, how to get a jobs easily!

The answer are quite simple! apply for a jobs, that nobody wanted! 😎 quite simple right ? but just like wise man always said! easy to say than done! 😂 because most of the time, most people will do a job even he/she don't want that kind of jobs! but there is a job, that will needing specific skills, that not many people have it! so in a nutshell, find a jobs that will need a rare skills! 😎 

Here's another clue! Do you know that most people don't want a loss! 😎 yep! most people want profits! including you! me and everyone else! so imagine, if you have skill that can make some company make huge profits! what you think ? do you think that company will wasted your skills ? 😂 If they do that! then its their loss! 😎  and most of the time, people that have skill that can make profit, most of the time, they don't work! 😎 so basically that kind of people no need to worry about whether they get a job or not! because without a job, actually they already make some money! 😎

So the important question is, what to do to get that kind of skill ? 😎 Smart question! in order to have Good skills, or valuable skill set! you need to understand the most fundamental part in every business or company! when we talk about business, it will always go to sales, marketing, promotion and etc! because for company or even small business will need to sell something to get profit! so if you have good selling skill, most of time your life wouldn't bother with small problems! instead you'll think how to make profits, rather than how to get a jobs! but on the other hand, there's a time that you'll consider, that you will need some jobs for social status!

I assuming, now you already get the big picture! i.e selling skill are important!  to be honest with you, at first I also hate to sell something, in fact I really hate so bad! because for me selling are something that wasting a times! i.e big efforts but no result! but after learn something, then I realize, actually selling some stuff are not bad Idea! I mean, it's very easy, because what we need is only give an offer, promotion etc. and then some people will buy our product! but the most important factor are, we have to find people that need that product! if we can find that peoples or group! most of the time, we will make sales i.e money! if you really good with that stuff! trust me, you don't need a lame a55 job! 😎

Pro Tips! Try to learn about marketing! sell some stuff on the internet! use Ads, Craiglist, Blogging, Social media FB, twitter, Youtube, forums or what ever it take to get sales! do that after a years or two! trust me, your skill will increase so fast! 😎 when you reach that kind of skill finding  a job are easy! because first, you don't need a jobs! because you already making money without them! secondly you have valuable skill that almost every company want it! the last one is, you have option, whether you choose do regular jobs, VS running your own business! 

How to sell on the internet ? selling on the net are not hard! first do research, and find what product that can sell by it self! or have demand! go to ebay, amazon, local markets, or your friends product! second, do promotion using social media, blogging, ads or etc!if you already do all of that stuff! just wait a week or month! after a while you'll see sales coming, and money will roll in! 😎 and when you achieve that! trust me! you'll not think to get a jobs! 😂

Since this topic about finding a  jobs! so here a tips to apply a jobs online! 

Go to jobs site! e.g Indeed, Monster,CareerBuilder, Dice, Glassdoor, Idealist, Linkedin, Linkup, Simply Hired, US jobs and etc! find Jobs that suite you! if you not sure about the jobs! don't apply! because if you do that, that will wasting everyone times! find the most jobs, that you can and know the job desc!

Get some experiences, e.g Intern, Volunteer, social jobs, build portfolio and etc! do that, for free! and then put that in your CV! because from that your interviewer can tell, that you have good work ethics! and have good skill and want serious jobs!

The most important factor to get hired, basically its in your CV, and your portfolio! because most HR manger will always said, your CV tell everything! 😎 example! you have sites, thousand people visit your site! its already there, in Google First page! what your manager will think about it ? well of course, you have the skill! but there is another important consideration! because most of the time, company need ppl that can do teamwork! unfortunately most people that have good skill, they can't do teamwork! 😎 if I were you, just hide it! as long you get hired, and get Good payment! doesn't matter right ?!

What about latest CV format, nice CV or bla..bla..bla..! well maybe that kind of stuff can help! but if I were HR manager! I don't need that kind of unimportant stuff! why ? because you can copy and download on the internet! right ? 😂 oh, another things, that can get you hired is, try to connect with the manager, or the interviewer! or if you can, find good link to that company, and make them your friends! most of the time, HR department always love referral employee!  after all who want stranger ? 😎 nobody want that!

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