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Senin, 17 April 2017

How many Bee Gees are Still Alive

Barry Gibb and jhon travolta

Are you curious about, how many bee gees are still alive ? check this out guys! ;) to be honest I like Bee Gees! because they are so creative, you know what so special about them, ;) they use falsetto to trick high tone! lol! you can get a way in 80's! but if you do this now! or using falsetto in Idol's competition! you'll screw ! for sure! 😂 

Anyway about  Bee Gees member, most of them are already died! but only one that still alive i.e Barry Gibb! If you curious about how old Barry Gibb is, now he's 70 years old! yep, pretty old for most of us! but he still got the spirit! because recently Barry and Jhon Travolta will jam together at CBS! by the way Jhon Travolta are 63 year old! 

And Do you know that Barry Gibb actually have little brother! he's name is Andy Gibb, he died in the age of 30! died because of  myocarditis or heart inflammation! and rumor said, he died because of to many using coke! so guys! don't use that stuff ;) ok! because it can burn you heart! 😂 stay safe and do healthy life! because as you see, Barry still on fire even on age 70! I am sure, Barry got lesson from life experiences! so I am not surprise, if he can do the show and sing, in the age of 70! 😎

anyway guys, watch my favorite song, Jhon and Bee Gees!  on action! just watch when Jhon move! so fungky and corny! lol! 😂 but its pretty cool in 80's!

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