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Rabu, 19 April 2017

Who is dr. esther afua ocloo ? MicroLending

Esther afua Ocloo

Curious about  dr. esther afua ocloo ? Check it out guys ;) Esther afua Ocloo is one of the founder World Bank for women! she provide micro lending to millions women out there ! because she know no bank, would  give loans to women, since they don't have any incomes! So she was thinking why not make World Bank for woman that want to do a business! because with that way, she can help millions woman in this world!

Basically What she doing are quite Genius, I mean, well of course Bank would not give women a loans! the reason simply because from the first, a bank would not give a capital for people that try for the first time! why ? because they know first business most of the times will fails! that's why most of Bank only give loan or capital for expanding, not to start business! 😎 but for me personally what she's doing good deeds! because from Dr.Esther do, many people will get business inspiration! and as you already know most of microlending are non bank! because they know bank would not give a small loan to individual! 

Now Thousand of thousand microlending business are everywhere! from east to west! and they all make huge profit! especially for company that charge interest per day! yep, some loan company will charge you an interest more than 30% amazing right 😎 well of course we know that is a rip off! 😂, but what can we do! because no matter what bank will not give such a loans! and only loan shark that would give that loans! 

so basically what loan shark do, is twisting Esther Idea! lol 😂 they know most people will need money, and the bank will not gave that kind of loans! so why not they provide money for a people that needing small loan, that most bank would  rejected! as result  they can or will charge high interest! i.e profitable business! just FYI, charging high interest are forbid in almost every religion! so, basically what loan shark do, is bad deeds! just like wise man said, its very hard to mix between business and religious principle!
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