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Sabtu, 22 April 2017

Earth Day Tips For Home

earth day tips for home

Want to know about earth day tips for home ?  check this out, guys! ;) earth day mean we have to save mother nature from pollution, chemicals, logging, etc! or use a product that more friendly with earth! good news is, you can do at your own home! 😎 there is a simple way to save earth without over do! here's the list that you can do to save earth in your own home! 😂

Use green product! it can be anything, cars with low Emission! or if you have a lot of money, you can use electric cars! but if its to expensive, you can use cars that have LCGC technology! most of cars usually always use fossil fuel! unfortunately fossil fuel create CO2, if the amount of CO2 to much it can have bad effect for earth, because CO2 can absorb radiation from sun, and it can hold the heat! that's why earth right now are very hot, because too many people produce CO2! as result global warming are everywhere!

Use recycle product! it can be anything! from bags, shoes, sandals, paper, bowls, toys and etc!most company that use recycle materials they always mention about it! because it can be one of their selling point! some of them are quite high price, but if its worth, why not try one of their product! sometime it can be pricey!  but it will not hurt for Earth!

Save energy in your home! turn off your light at noon! don't use water to much! turn off Air conditioner, or don't use heater to much! why save energy mean help earth ? well, most of energy build by using fossil fuel! e.g electricity use coal/gasoline to move the generator! 

Maintain your car and don't use to much! if you want to buy something in near store, you can do by on foot or use bike! because if one family use 1 gallon gasoline per day! imagine hundreds million of family! they produce CO2, in massive number! for long run, our earth will full with CO2 in every angle! 

Separate your trash between plastic, paper, wet waste and etc! by doing this, you can reduce tons of trash from your home! and also you can compost your wet waste and make them as natural fertilizer for your plants! do you know that our organic trash produce CO2 and CH4! 😅  some company use trash to create Bio Gas and make them as fuels! but unfortunately, bio gas only made from CH4! and CH4 only came from organic or wet waste! but at least, if you separate your trash it can help everyone task, and reduce Co2 production! it mean save the earth with simple ways!

at this moment I only can provide 5 tips! I will up date, if there's something that needing to be add as a good tips!
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