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Sabtu, 22 April 2017

Earth Day Tips for The Office! save Company money!

Earth Day Tips in office

Want to know about earth day tips for the office ? check it out guys! ;)  basically to celebrate earth day is a good things! at least most of "go green" tips can save company spending! maybe at first, if your office buy green product, it can be very expensive! but for long term it can save company money and also it can last for a very long time!  

for example if your company have a lot of office equipment such paper, pen, pencils,eraser, ruler, etc, and bla..bla..bla! if you compare with buying a laptop or pc! it will be far more efficient and low maintenance cost! but of course, if you buy new PC or laptop, in the beginning the price are very expensive especially for the new one! but for long run, it can save money! just FYI, since I have PC, I almost forget how to use pen and paper! lmao! 

ok! enough about the intermezzo! lets get back to topic! lets focus to the "go green" office tips! 😎

Tips no.1 most of company usually need a bright background!(good lighting can create good mood) and that mean will needing a lot of light and lamp! so, I am not surprise, in the end of the month, their electricity bill will be very expensive! but do you know! you can save money if you use Compact fluorescent bulbs rather than incandescent bulbs! and the different about 75%, it mean it can save 3 times company money!  but to be honest with you! I never saw a company that still use incandescent bulbs! lol! 😂 who knows, right ? maybe your company still using  it 😂

ok, lets get serious! 😎  tips no.2! why not try  solar energy system ? it can save company electricity bills for years to come! I know solar power are very expensive! not to mention their solar cell ! it can cost more than thousands of USD! but, but,but! do you know you can get cheap price at ebay! 😆 its only $55-$149! I know its not the top quality product! but at least you can try solar system with less cost! 😎  and Do you know you can build your own solar system for you office or even in your own home! 😎

solar energy

Tips no.3 use less paper and Go digital! most of modern company already use technology! e.g Laptop, Gadget, tablet Ipad, Kindle and etc! most of these company basically don't need a paper or pen to run an office! because most of them always use gadget! e.g make report use email,  doing presentation use tablet, communication with manager use smartphone apps(line,whatsapp,skype), and many more! but of course for traditional company most of them are always need a paper! e.g, making report ,  presentation, meeting and many more! but the question is, are your office really need a lot of paper ? (depend on the industry I guess) 

Tips no.4 Go Casual! we all know wearing suits sometime can be more expensive! at least, not all people comfortable with this business type dress code! it can create a lot of stress and etc! not to mention with laundry bills! 😎 or using chemical just for clean up! to be honest, when I first graduate from my college, I always want wearing suits! 😂 you know why ? because suits make you look like "I am the man"  but when I use them, it doesn't feel right ! 😎 you know why ?  because suits make you look like a faker that always said BS! 😂 why suit make you fake ? because the real one, don't need a suits, or to convince anyone! 😎

Tip no.5! If your office near with your apartment! Why not save money by using bicycle or even just go on foot to the office! Well of course, for marketing people! it can be very hard for not using cars!(company image)! but for non marketing! it doesn't hurt if you go to office on foot! especially if your office only 100 meter from apartment!

anyway at this moment, I only can give 5 tips in for the office! I will try to update if there's new info! 😁
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