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Rabu, 19 April 2017

Esther Afua Ocloo Net Worth And BioGraphy!

Want to know how Esther Afua Ocloo net worth ? check it guys! Esther(Dr. Esther Afua Ocloo) born in Ghana on 18 April 1919!(now she's age 82) in the year 2002 she died because of Pneumonia! in his life, she always determined to do business, especially for women! and because of high determination doing business, he go to UK, and learn about food processing! after he mastering the latest technique, she go back to home, Ghana! and teach other women to do business! because she knew, if woman do business it can make huge impact and increase entire country economy! so she was, thinking how to help all women to do business! 

And then she give small loan(microlending), and help every woman that want to do business! and because of his dedication, U.N World Conference invited he to share her story to the world! and after that she helped and found world Bank for women! and provide help million of women that needing small loans!

About her wealth , there's no information about it! I already looking in forbes and etc, still not found any single information about her net worth! by I assuming, her net worth about millions of dollar! because most of chairman of World bank, usually get small percentage from bank profit! it can be 5-10 %, so, I think her net worth about millions of dollar!
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