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Selasa, 18 April 2017

How to fall asleep instantly ?

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Want to know, How to fall asleep instantly ? check this out guys! ;) To be honest with you I also have same problems with sleeping, because most of my works are finding important information( lot of stress), and other stuff that I must do almost everyday! so basically I have problems with sleeping! but after I read some articles out there, and it really works! maybe not instant fall asleep, but it can help most of us, that having trouble with insomnia or whatsoever! 

When I want to go sleep, its hard to sleep well immediately, even we already closed our eyes, still!  we can't fall asleep! its just like closing our eyes, but we can heard almost everything, if we not go to sleep mode, no matter how many our we closed our eyes, it doesn't matter! and when we open our eyes, we not charge our battery! so, no matter what, we have to go sleep mode! 😎 OK, here's what I do to go to sleep mode almost immediately!

First take a deep breath! take very very deep breath! and then release it after you count to 5 and then increase to 10! or maybe 15 if you can!  if not just count to 10, then release slowly and count to 10 also! do this for 5-10 minutes! why we doing this stupid things ? 😂 well, its not stupid actually! because when we do deep breathing, it can help ourself to relax and clear our mind! the reason why we can't sleep, its because we have a lot of things in our mind! and because of that reason you can't fall asleep!  just FYI deep breathing also help to release toxin, tension, pain emotion, and also it can make us relax!

If we do deep breathing, in our rooms, no sound, (maybe classical music) , to make our mind relax, soon or later we will fall to sleep! but if our mind not relax, high tension or what so ever! its really hard to fall asleep! so deep breathing are very useful if we want fall asleep as soon as possible! anyway, don't try sleeping drugs! cause for long term the dose will increase, so its not recommended!
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