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Sabtu, 15 April 2017

How Much Did Good Friday Appeal Raise

good friday appeal raise money

Want to know how much did good friday appeal raise ? check it out guys! ;) raise money for charity basically are good deeds especially on Good Friday! I mean it's the right times to increase merit value! because for some reason time are very important!(or maybe just me) but the purpose are the most important, for example if we raise charity to help other people out there, especially for the people that need money(to cover hospital cost), it can really big help especially for them that needing one! 

at some point its also help social gap between the poor and the rich! for long term, it can create some good atmosphere in that area! imagine if the rich doesn't help the poor! for sure it can make them really mad! and it can increase the tension and feeling abandon! what happen today in our society are simply because ignorance from the rich! at least if we donate small money or do charity for people that need some money! trust me it can help them, and they will memorize, that there's good people out there! :) 

At this time, Good friday appeal raise money about 17 Millions Dolar! I think its good enough! but it would be good, if the entire nation give the charity. even for small as $1 or something!  But do you know, for a people that give charity, it can increase your wealth ? 😇 in US there's some case study and research, about 10 thousand people that do donation about 10% of their money! and result, their wealth increase about 10% next month! cool ehh ? 😎 So form now on, don't hesitate to give donation! and watch the result in the next money! 😎  just ask, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, or even Warren buffet, why they donate almost 50% of their money! 😎 yep! they will get more, if you give more! 😂  anyway thanks for reading guys !
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