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Kamis, 13 April 2017

How Did Henrietta Dugdale Die

Henrietta Augusta Dugdale

Want to know how did henrietta dugdale die ? well, if you curious about it find out now ;) Henrietta Augusta Dugdale, basically died because of his age, she dies on age 91 (1827-1918) she is a brave women that fight for equality and emancipation so some day, man and women have same right and obligation. 

She was Born in London 14 may 1827, daughter of John Worrell and his mother names are Henrietta! so basically yes, her name are  from his mother names Henrietta! its very rare using from mother names! especially on that times, so I am sure her brave are coming from his mother!

On age 21 Henritta Dugdale arrived to Melbourne with his husband Davies! but after his husband death, she marry again with William Dugdale, Son Of English Clergyman, so that's why she got Dugdale name! on june 1903 she married with Frederick Jhonson.

But his bravery that always want emancipation for women basically because Of Dugdale Influence, because most of women activist most of them are came from nobel family! it is almost impossible for average women to speak emancipation! especially at that times! but for women that have nobility, well, nobody have complain right ?  but no matter what thanks to Henrietta Dugdale, now most of women have same right and obligation like man do i.e equal! maybe not all places, but at least most part of the world already accept women that have same right and obligation like every man in this planet!

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