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Sabtu, 15 April 2017

How to Make Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs For Easter

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Want to know How to make hard boiled eggs for easter ? check this out guys! ;) I love to eat boiled eggs! who doesn't right ? but the question is How long, to make perfect boiled eggs ? good question! for me personally depend on what boiled eggs that I want, fully hard cooked, or just a half cooked! if I want perfect boiled eggs! most of the time, I will spend about 10-12 minutes to boiled the egg on the pot!

But for a half Cooked, I prefer with 6 minutes! but it will depend on your stove, and pots! but for average, 10-15 minutes, for fully hard cooked! and 5-8 minutes for half cooked! if you want make boiled eggs for easter, or give color! try to cooked the egg first! and then you can give the color or decorating the egg as you want! cause if you decorate before the eggs cooked, then it could be disaster!(I am sure you know already)

What I love from boiled eggs, you can't eat them with peper, and salt! sometime with chilies! most of ppl prefer with black paper or something! but for me personally I eat boiled eggs with chilies! ;) try it! I am sure you will love it! My mother always cook full boiled eggs and mix them with some spicy soup, and the taste are amazing! moist and spicy! 😇 I don't know about the recipes! but every time, I eat them! its feel so good and tasty! lol! 😂  but if you just want to make average boiled eggs, the perfect time is about 6 minutes for half cooked! and 15 minutes for fully cooked! and that's it! try it guys! it's very easy! 😂

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