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Rabu, 26 April 2017

How much cost to install solar panels And How to get cheap!

cost to install solar panels

Want to know how much cost to install solar panels ? check this out guys ;)  there's no exact answer! because the cost would be depend on many factors! some company will charge $3,85 per wat, and some company will charge much more lower! but average cost to install solar panels are about $3 but since you already in here, I will give you some hint, how to lower your installation cost! 

Most of the time, majority company will charge normal fee, about $3! but if you know the system and how solar panels works! and look like you know your stuff! believe it or not, they will charge $1 😎 why ? (if you ask) the reason simply because you know your stuff ! ;) just like us, when we dealing with people in our industry, most of the time, we will be nice with them ;)  but other reason is not because, you know your stuff about solar panels, but because you already cut their risk i.e you already buy solar panels kits! 

All you have to is find the electrician, or handyman to do the jobs! if I were you I will try to find in my neighbor hood! it could be my next door Neighbors, or some kids that know about solar panels! and already know about how to install or already have experiences how to install solar panels! but if you can't find near you! try to get some cheap labor from Craig list or what soever!  or you can try itunes apps or Google apps about handyman! I am sure you can find that person to install solar panels ! 

For average people, they will exaggerate solar panels installation! but if you already know about how it works! trust me, you will have different view! but for some cases, even if we already know how to install it! still we don't have the right tools, or knowledge about electricity! so, that's why you'll need handyman, or electrician to do dirty jobs!

Basically solar panels system only contain 4 important parts! Solar panels cell, Charger controller, Battery, and inverter! if we take notice most people can install this system easily! in fact some peoples, can install solar panels in just 10 minutes! but of course its only for small watt! but for big watt something like 4 kilo watt or something, it could take all day! because 4 kilo watt mean 260x16 about 16 solar panels!  so, for most people installing 16 panels on roof top, it could be hard! but if you have decent backyard that always get sunlight ! I think that would be fine if put the panels in there! because what matter is, that panels should get sunlight as many as possible! whether its on roof top, or in backyard!

the conclusion is, you can cut installation cost, if you understand about solar panels system! and also if you confidence enough to DIY why not try that! at least it can save labor cost! because the cheapest labor cost to install solar panels system are $1 per watt!  so imagine, if you want to build 10 kilo watt! 😎 Yep, you have to spend $10.000 just for installation cost! if I were you, I will prefer spending 10 thousand dollar to buy more panels!  by the way, there is a product that plug and play! you only have to buy solar panels cell and the battery! you just plug in the panels to the battery and that's it! you can start to use that system ASAP, no need inverter or charger controller! because its already inside the battery! I saw some product they called battery station, or something like that! but still you have to buy some cable, to plugin the panels into the battery, and the cable price are quite cheap about 20 bucks or something! you can search on amazon!   
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