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Sabtu, 29 April 2017

How to install solar panels on your home in 5 minutes!

easy intalling solar panels

Want to know how to install solar panels on your home easily in just 5 minutes ? check it out guys ;) if you want to install solar panels on your home, actually you can do this in less than 5 minutes! all you have to do is  buy the right kits and that's it! 😎 you ready to go! 😂 and enjoy free electricity almost every day!

If we talk about solar panels installation, the real culprit and what make the installation cost are so damn expensive! are simply because, charger controller and the damn inverter! and if we do this installation and setting up the cable wrong, there's a chance that battery will get corrupted! especially if we put the wrong negative and positive cable! yep, that's the nightmare!

and Do you know, there's a battery that design for a newbies to install solar panels system in just 5 minutes! 😎 that battery called plug and play! and good news is, price are not too expensive!  and the price only about $600 with 1000 watt capacity! and if you buy 100 watt solar panels cell, it will need about 10 hours to charge and make the battery full!

If you already know and getting used to with that battery just buy more 5 or 10 battery to power your house appliances! and if you want put solar panels cell on roof top, just called handy man, I am sure! he don't mind if you pay $500 ! but if I were you, I will go to roof top, and use hammer and taping it! my self! and if it didn't work too well, then maybe I will called a handy man! 😂 because I want to cut the unimportant cost! $500 just for hit the hammer four 2 hour! 😆 lol!

where to buy plug and play solar panels ? Good question! try amazon and type this keywords in their search bar "solar panels plug and play 1000 watt" I am sure you will find the best deal in there! find the good one! don't forget to read their reviews and some question in that product! for most cases, before they buy! they will ask some question! e.g can I plug and play without inverter and charger controller ? just watch the answer, I am sure you'll know after you find the product!

Doing the old school way are good to learn! most people that talk about solar panels! most of the time, they will give you suggestion, how to buy best inverter, cheap charger controller, and where to find the cheapest battery! and on and on!  but problems is! if you have no idea about electricity! and buy each part differently, for most cases it can cause you a problems and headache! because each watt battery have different calculation for charger controller ! and if we don't understand about what is ampere, volt , watt or etc! the chance is, we never try solar panels system! 😂   but my point is, if there an easy way! why not try the easy way, with less cost and risk! after all its just solar panels! 😎

FYI, I never said the product are plugged solar! because its to suspicious! plug the solar and spread the electricity to all house! 😂 that's sound dangerous and it can cause short circuit and fire!
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