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Jumat, 14 April 2017

MOAB Bomb in Afghanistan! Wow

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Want to know about MOAB bomb in afghanistan ? check it out guys! MOAB is a short from "Massive Ordnance Air Blast"! I know its scary! because the cost to build that kind of Bomb are about $16 Millions dollar each! Wow!  very expensive for a bomb! 😎 some source said, US military already spent about $316 million so they have about 20 MOAB! good enough to make disappear a medium Island! 

The Big Question is, why they waste $16 million dollar in Afghanistan ? Good question! well, as you already know, recently they are a conflict between USA, and North Korea ! some source said, its because of Pro Assad and contra! but as you already know, Donald Trump also tweet and make thing more worse! as result, North korea made their decision to to use nuclear Bomb to Nuke US! 

But on the other Hand US, can't just sent nuclear to North Korea! because there are Giant Country! i.e China, and their allies South Korea! so if Donald use Nuclear, it can make everything worse and trigger new world war! so its kind of dilemma!  North Korea Give Donald a Threat, but Donald can't hit them! because there is a China and allies in there! but as you already know North Korea, sometime like to try a little! and I am sure, Donald aware of that! so, if I were Donald Trump, maybe, just maybe! they want to sent messages to North Korea! if you make trouble with US, then we will send MOAB! 😎

But the question is, why Afghanistan ? well, there's a conflict in there! until this time, it can be solved nicely with military, so my prediction is, they want test and send message to North Korea, that they have MOAB, almost same like Nuclear Bomb, but its safe to Bomb North Korea, without have to fear with Nuclear effect! well, its just my assumption! it could be right, or I could be wrong! anyway, thanks for reading 😎

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