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Jumat, 14 April 2017

How Much Does The MOAB Bomb Cost

how much does the moab bomb cost

Want to know how much does the moab bomb cost ? check this out guys ;) Moab are stand for Massive Ordnance Air Blast the code are GBU-43! yep, it sound like God Bless you! (lol)  Donald trump call MOAB as mother  of all bomb!  the range distance damage are about 300 meter in every direction! so, this things are good enough to destroy some terorist camp!the cost to build one MOAB area bout $16 Million USD, at this moment US military only have 20, so they already spend about $300 Million USD! 

The good thing about Moab Bomb are no radioactive! but have Destruction power almost like nuclear bombs! so this baby are good enough to make Kim Jung un silent for a while! as you already know, US military recently test this bomb to hit Isis Camp, and succeed destroy Isis camp in Afghanistan!  

Donald trump really happy and proud, because US military not only destroy ISIS camp, but also send a messages to North Korea, that they have a bomb that almost equal with Nuke Bomb, so if NK trying to attack, US will launch this bomb to destroy NK nuclear camp without have to worry with their allies and their neighbor I.e China! cause if US attack North korea with nuke bomb, that can trigger new era of world war! 

Without Moab, Donald trump will having a lot of difficulties not mention risk loosing a lot of their men! because NK have massive army about million ppl! so, if they strike NK on the ground, that will be high risk! but since they have GBU-43, they don't need to send their army to attack NK, they only need their Air force and then drop some MOAB, one or two to the right target! it's very effective with less casualties! especially if Trump can hit important base camp! 

So the conclusion is, MAOB bomb are very costly i.e $16 Million USD, but for big war, it can be very effective to hit important  and strategic base camp, and can win the war, with less victims!
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