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Jumat, 14 April 2017

How Many MOABs Does the US Have and How Much

MOAB cost

Want to know about how many MOAB US have ? check it out guys ;) US military already spend about 300 million USD dollar! each MOAB cost about $16 Millions USD, so they have about 20 MOABs! so, yes, it very costly! especially if you use for unimportant issue, i.e Because of tweet! lol 😂

There are reason why US military drop MOAB in Afghanistan! as you already know, there is some conflict between US and North Korea! North Korea said, they want to use nuclear bomb and attack US, not so sure why, is it of donald Tweet, or maybe because of Pro Assad Syria, i.e Oil in the middle east! but for sure, Donald Trump use MAOB and Drop in Afghanistan, is to give message to North Korea! maybe Donald and US military already considered that using MOAB it can make their enemy think twice to make an attack!

For me personally using MOAB in Afghanistan will not stop the issue! the reason simply because its all about oil! and also Donald tweet always make other ppl really mad! if he doing it again, it can cause to many problems! well of course world knows, US have Bomb, but it doesn't mean other country, especially that have interest for oil, will just sit and watch! and said, oh we scared! of course not! especially for China! because of oil, it can make huge issue! but at least if Donald behave like real leader, I am sure, other country have give great respect and find best solution without military power! but if Donald Trumps always make trouble soon or later, most leader will have no respect, and suspect that Donald don't have credibility to solve oil problems! so why negotiate ? if most leader thought Donald Can't solve that issue! so the issue is about Donald Personality! is he can be trusted or not ?

Last time Donald Tweet about asking China to take care North Korea! and he said, he will give better trade policy! if china take care that problems! but if China make a move and solve the problems, and Donald don't give his promise! that could be huge problems!
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