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Minggu, 16 April 2017

North Korea Attempted Missile Launch!

north korea missile launch fails

Does north korea attempted to launch their missile and  fails ? Check this out guys! ;) Recently Kim Jong Un Show off, by attempting to launch their missile, but it seem their missile are failed to launch! (according to US pacific Command) 

This action showing, that its ignoring their ally China, for not doing anything including launch their missiles! so its seem North Korea don't want to hear anyone including their biggest allies! not so sure why they doing this, but it seem North Korea want to show off, that they actually have Long rang Missiles! and not fake just like media tell! 

But at least now we know, North Korea have a missiles! but the only important question is, does North Missiles can reach US ! 😎 and if they have! well, it could be disaster! and very dangerous for US! because it can threat their national security! but many experts say, North Korea missile can't reach US! only short distance to South Korea or east Asia country!  so its safe, but not 100% safe!

So, the most important question is, what Donald Trump will do, after he saw  North Korea attempt to launch their missiles ? because personally I assuming, that North Korea want to tell the US that they actually have! and not just fake or BS!I assuming President Donald Trump will make some action! it could careless action or maybe the smart action! such as negotiate with China! because the most reasonable action for trump is by doing negotiate with China, and let China deal with North Korea!

By doing that, it can save a lot of money and life's! because if Trump using his military power to attack North Korea, it could be wasted their money and time! for sure it long distance war! secondly North Korea have big army! and the last one is, they can't Nuke North Korea, because their location are near with Giant China and their allies South Korea! so, actually, US don't need do anything about this issue! but if trump doing careless action! there's a chance! that Trump will move his army and deal with Kim Jong Un and doing a war!

But make sure, when US want war with North Korea, try not to make mistakes! because if they make mistakes, the cost are very big! i.e World War! as you already know sometime mistakes can happen! including shooting a missiles! if US shoot missile and miss the target! it could be disaster!

Personally, if I were Donald Trump, I wont eat the bait, from Kim Jong Un! why ? because its very very long distance! and if Donald really send Massive army! it could be make the heat getting worse in that area! and the risk are to great! because one mistake can cost the Giant to make some preventive action! i.e self defense! who knows right ? especially when you visit some unknown Territory, there's a chance you'll get Lock up in that area, and can't go nowhere!

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