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Sabtu, 15 April 2017

Can North Korea Missiles Reach The UK

north korea missiles

Can north korea missiles reach the uk ? hard to tell, but recently CNN, got info from US Military defense, that they confirm, Kim Jong Un, have intercontinental ballistic missile! but not yet perfect! in 2006, NK already have long distance missile that can reach about 8 thousand KM, so I am sure, in the last ten years, North Korea already developed the distance to reach more far! that's is why US recently have tension and worry about North Korea Nuclear!

Basically if you saw map! the distance between UK to Pyongyang, only about 8656 KM! yep! actually they don't need intercontinental missile! they only need the long range one! :) (lol) but we do hope, the tension between US and North Korea are getting calm! cause as we know UK are one of US allies! so technically if Kim Jong UN, mad with Trump! there is big chance, they will start to test UK!(personal opinion) but I won't go that far! I mean, if donald use his head, I am sure we can avoid war! anyway who want war ? no ? 

But if Donald T keep pushing, and play the odd ball with NK, and as we know Kim Jong Un, are have no patience with US, so he can hit the button, and start the war! but if Donald, can wise, and make deal with China, I am sure NK can behave and talk about this issue nicely with cold headed! basically there is no need to go that far! i.e war! because 1 missile will cost to much, at least more than Millions of dollar! so if they only use missile to show how great their country are, it could be wasting a ton of money! not mention the effect of radioactive, that can bring weird disease! all Europe can get the effect! because to spread Nuclear effect it only need wind to blow! and that's it! acid rain happen!😎

Moral lesson are, try to respect each other! other wise we can go back to war era!

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