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Minggu, 16 April 2017

North Korea Parade Missile Fake! and Fails

north korea parade missile fails

Want to know does North Korea parade Missile are for real or fake ? Check this out guys! ;) some experts say In North Korea parade missile are fake, because it show the image are undulating skin on the head of the missile! but some experts also saying while North Korea Missile are fake, it doesn't mean they don't have one! because they probably hide somewhere in some place!
There's a chance that missile are fake, because from the image the missile are not to convincing! in 2012, North Korea trying to launch satellite and they fail! but Experts from German Markus Schiller said it doesn't mean North Korea don't have missile for long range! they have, somewhere in some place! because if not, US will not have to worry about the situation! 

For me personally Markus right! maybe the parade missile are fake, and maybe they failed to launch the satellite in 2012! but now 2017, there is a chance, that North Korea already make some progress! and hide the missile out there in some place! and I don't want to make too far assumption, that North Korea doing Hoax Parade just for fun! because actually they don't need to do that! and also never underestimate North Korea military power! because  the fact is, they have millions of soldier! even for US, they can easily defeat North korea with just 20 MOAB! 

The best thing that US can do to fix this heat with North Korea, actually is by doing talk and negotiation! By attacking each other will not solve everything! from what I seen, I think Trump want new Regime Change in North and not only about Nuclear, so I think its very hard request! Because Kim Jong Un already there for a long time, so if Donald Trump asking Kim To step back from his seat, the only way to do this is by doing war and defeat North Korea, to change the Regime! but for sure, it will cost a lot price, and life! 

The Big question is, is it worth to spend millions of money and life just to change some country regime ? and even the regime change it doesn't mean US will have full control to North Korea! its just like war in Iraq, Yes! they defeat Saddam Husein Regime,  and give Iraq new freedom, but there's no point doing it! well at least it not worth the price! because from what I heard US already spend trillions of Dollar and thousands life's! for north Korea case, it could be more to spend! because we all know North Korea Military power are not just talk!

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