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Jumat, 14 April 2017

Can an Octopus Breathe Out of Water

Want to know, can an octopus breathe out of water ? check it out guys! ;)  if you asking can an octopus survive outside of water then answer is yes! but for how long can an octopus live out of water, are hard to tell, because it will depend on situation! as long their skin still moist they can live out the water!  

Octopus are same like other sea animals, they have gills like fish and etc! but the good thing about octopus are they absorb oxygen using his skin, almost 60% ! as long octopus skin moist they can breathe out of water! but after they dry, who knows! 😂 so if you asking can octopus breathe out of water? then the answer is yes!

Personally I don't like octopus, because they have to many feet, like spider!😂 and also they have suckers on their arms and legs! so, it make me creepy! just watch it their legs, and arms that have hole in every inch! just be careful! once it suck your skin, it hard to release ! :D lol its joke! anyway, I really hope my answer can asnwer your question about octopus breathing!

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