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Rabu, 26 April 2017

Can you go off the grid with solar panels ?

off grid solar panels

Can you go off the grid with solar panels? yep! you can, in fact to build off grid solar panels, are more cheap than tied grid with some company! and for long term, your investment in solar panels system are much more profitable! but, since you use off grid, you can't sell or get credit if you have surplus electricity! 

The Idea of getting electricity free from solar are not to making money, instead, off! from grid! so build solar panels system with off grid are the most reasonable! and also more cheaper! first, with off grid system, you can lower the price, and secondly no high labor cost! 

The culprit in solar panels industry and why not many people using it simply because high price! because I don't think it will be reasonable, just to get decent electricity you must pay $25.000 dollar! 😎 for me personally to get $25k it will needing 10 years to save money! so, imagine if I have to spend my 10 years saving! just to watch some LCD TV, or play game MMORPG! i.e build solar panels system! no thanks! 😂

my point is, spending $25.000 dollar just to get electricity, are not worth it! but I don't mind, if I have to spend $200 to build off grid solar panels system DIY! 😎 I don't mind with $200! but I do mind with the coolness! Imagine, with $200, I still can watch my tv cable! in the middle of amazon forest!that must be something! 😂 at least not every 9 years old kids can do that stuff! 😎
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