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Rabu, 12 April 2017

When Is National Pet Day 2017

when is pet day

Want to know, when is national pet day 2017 ? well, if you curious find out now! national pet day basically launched by pet expert colleen paige in 2004 to be exact National Dog Day are 26 August, for Cat day October 29th, meanwhile for pupy day are  March 23rd! the idea about national pet day is to tell people that even for animals they also have right to live well, and we have to respect that basic principle! and the motto for national pet day are Don't Shop! Adopt! 

Most of us, when go to pet shop, we always thinking we buy animal! but if we have, that kind of mindset for long run, we can easily throw away the animal! but if we respect animal, then we should adopt, like our own family! for me, personally it can be win win solution! we need animal as a friend, on the other hand, animal also need human to take care of them, giving proper treatment, food and etc! 

As you already know there many tragedy about animal abuse! from a cat, dog, rabbit, or even a cow! if we think that we adopt animal, and not just buying like buy some stuff on the near store, our treatment for animal can make a big different! so that's why I am not surprise motto national pet day are Adopt! not shop!

To be honest, I am not big fan adopting some animal like cat, or dogs! but on the other hand, I also hate people that abuse animal! especially for fun or entertainment! after all, we human so its our obligation to treat them with respect and care!
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