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Jumat, 14 April 2017

Scorpion Stings Man On United Flight

united airlines scorpion

Want to know about scorpion stings man on united flight ? check it out guys! ;) not long a go, united airlines dragged off Doctor Dao! now a  man stung by scorpion on united airplanes! to be honest, this is not real! 😂 I mean wow! just wow! and as you know last time issue with doctor dao are not done! and now, a scorpion? (seriously) 😅 well, I hope that man, that get stung by scorpion are not having serious injuries! 

But I read on CNBC, the man that got stung are okay, and united airlines said, sting from scorpions are not life threatening! even though this is double bad news! maybe sting by scorpions are not big deals! but for united airlines this is big news! because most media, including my blog, will have interest with small news from united airlines! 

the reason why I am interested and writes about scorpion stings, its not because I want to! but because thousand or maybe 10 thousand ppl curious! I mean, isn't dragged off some Dr, its not enough? now scorpion! OMG! 😂 what is this! I am sure most of us, basically not interested with some scorpions, right ? but because from united airlines that what make all us, curious about that story! anyway, I really hope united airlines can fix this problems ASAP! and I really hope no snake bites on united airlines!(lol)

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