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Senin, 24 April 2017

What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

solar energy system

want to know, what are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy ? check this out guys! ;)  if we talk about system, no matter what system are, there always be a disadvantages, and  solar panels system are no exception! but if we compare between the disadvantages and advantages solar energy have more significant advantages!

For example, every month you have to pay electricity bills about $250! and the total consumption electricity in your house about 40 kilo watt per day! if you want to change, from conventional system to solar panels system, at least you have to spend about $15.000 USD!  but of course it can be cheap if you DIY! but lets assuming it will cost you about $15k! 

$15.000 for most people are big money! for average people in US its about 6 month salary! so for normal people spending $15.000 just to get decent electricity are not the best option! but if we look carefully and make proper calculation $15k system are profitable!  why profitable ?  lets count!  electricity bills per month $250 multiply a years 250x12=$3000 per year! then multiply with 5 years(average solar panels system give guarantee about 5 years)! so in 5 years you have to pay at least not less than $15.000! 😎 yep, its break even!  

But wait a minutes! do you know if you do DIY solar panels installation you can reduce the cost up to $10.000! for several cases, you can get best deal from some website on line, out there! and the total cost about $7000 to get 40 Kilo watt per day! imagine, with solar panels system you only pay electricity bills about $7000 for 5 years! meanwhile if you using conventional ways, you have to pay $15.000 dollar! 😎 yep! you can save $8000 or $1600 per years! with $8000 in here, in my country! you can get decent cars! lol! 😂 but my point is, solar energy system can save a lot of money! but of course if we calculate for long term! i.e Good Investment!

Is there any disadvantages for using solar energy ? well, solar energy system have high dependency for the sun light, and the system will not work, if there's no sun! 😂 but don't worry! as long you live outside Rjukan Norway! I am sure, you can get free sunlight! 😂  

If I have to short out the advantages and disadvantages from solar energy is, to build solar panel system it will needing a lot of money! so for some people they will prefer with conventional way! meanwhile for advantages  using solar energy system it can save you more money for long run!
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