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Rabu, 26 April 2017

is solar energy renewable or nonrenewable ? not really

how is solar energy renewable

Want to know, does solar energy renewable or nonrenewable? check this out guys! ;) if we talk about renewable energy, it mean the resource have unlimited or it can be produce with in short time or at least it will stay there for a long period of times! e.g water, air, sunlight, wind and etc! if we ask the question about does solar energy renewable ? well, actually this is tricky question! because, solar energy will stay there for at least about a few billions years! but if we ask, can it produce after that billions years pass? well, the answer is no! because once the sun dead! then that's it, it can't produce more! its just one time product! i.e limited edition! 😎

But if the question related with solar panels system! then yes! it's renewable! because you can get electricity from solar panels, almost every day for billions years to come! but after that, no more! because once the sun destroyed! that's it! our solar system gone for good! 😎 because no sun, no life! but of course, for ice man, I think he can survive! as long he can live by eating an ice only! lol! but my point is, sun including one of renewable resources, because it will stay there, for a few billions of years!(experts prediction)

other benefits from using solar energy or renewable energy is, you can get for free, as many as you can! but of course to converts renewable energy into something that useful for our life, it will needing latest technology! and unfortunately this kind of technology are not cheap! for example, solar panels system convert sun light into electricity, water turbine converts water fall, or river into electricity and so on!

But since most business pattern will go into efficiency, after 10-20 years that kind of technology will become cheap and more cheaper! for example, solar panels system can converts sun light into electricity and give electricity to whole population! when the technology first invented, the price are very expensive! but after a 10-20 years, most of solar panels kits, will become more cheaper!

The reason why renewable technology become cheaper after times, is simply because most people will put their time and money into that industry! because they think, it can be good investment! as result many people will compete in that industry, and market laws will applied! i.e if there too many product, then the price will drop!

The conclusion is, does solar energy renewable ? not really! but since it will stay there for the next billions of years! so there's nothing wrong to assume that solar energy are reliable and good for long term! but if you ask, is it possible, once sun light destroyed! is it possible to produce another solar energy ? then the answer is no!
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