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Rabu, 26 April 2017

Can we use solar panel without battery!

solar panels system off grid

Can we use solar panel without battery ? well, the answer is no, you can't! because Solar panels system off Grid, doesn't mean off battery! because solar panels system without battery same like you drink water directly from waterfall!  imagine what will happen if you consume all water directly from water fall without using a media or bottle ? yep! you will hurt your stomach! you can survive for several weeks! but for long term, it can be painful and make serious damages! 

For most people battery price are quite expensive! I saw on some website! the price are extremely very expensive! yep, 10.000 USD for battery back up that have 4-16 kilo watt capacity! but just like I said above, battery are same like media or bottle in solar panels system! actually you don't need high quality product! what you need its just decent media! I saw on amazon and ebay, they offering reasonable price for battery that have 1 kilo watt capacity under $100! ($71)  this kind of battery are good for beginner in solar panels! at least when something wrong, it will not cost you a lot! 

So, if you just started using solar panels system, and you don't wanna spend $10.000 just for battery! try amazon or ebay! in there many people selling battery under $100! but still off grid will not work without battery! but there is solution at amazon or ebay! I am sure, you will glad spending $100 just for battery, rather than spending $10.000 for battery back up! 😎

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