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Selasa, 25 April 2017

How much do solar panels cost for a house

solar panels cost

Want to know how much do solar panels cost for a house ? check this out guys! ;) to be honest, the answer would not be simple! because it will depend on how much kilo watt your house need it! for example for average house that consume 900 kwh per month, it will cost you about $5241, and 60 cents! 😂

Because 900 kwh per month mean, your electricity bills about 900x20 cents or $180 (assumption price) 
900 kwh divide 30 day divide 10 hour use= mean your house consume about 3 kilo watt every hours! so you need a solar panels system about 3 kilo watt! and average price about less than $5000 usd! 

But to make accurate calculation is by seeing your electricity bills and how much your house consume electricity! from there you can figure it out, and what system that suitable for your house! but normally average price to build 2 kilo watt solar panels system are about $3,494! 

but if you want to know the detail calculation you can check from every appliance, for example most PC will consume about 200 watt, Monitor about 100 watt, Air Conditioner about 1000 watt, light bulb about 20 watt, and  so on! and if your total consumption about 2000 watt, then buy system that have capacity and can produce 2 killo watt electricity! in this case the solar panels system price about $3.494 and 40 cents but if you have a lot more than average people, you can build 4 killo watt system and the price about $6988 and 80 cents! 😎 but of course the price are not including the labor cost! 

FYI. the price for solar panels system will not the same! cause different people have different source! if you use ebay, I could be use amazon, and so on! I could be cheap or maybe much more costly!

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