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Senin, 24 April 2017

How Expensive are Solar panels for your Home

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Want to know how expensive are solar panels for your home? the answer would be depend on a lot of factor! actually with less than $300, you can build your own solar system panel! 😎 solar panels cell 100 watt average price about $111, charger controller about $10, Battery portable(no need inverter) 200 watt about $99 , and cable for portable battery about $10! so total cost to build solar panels system in your house about $230! 😂

in short, to build solar panel system 100 watt it will cost you about $230! so if your house need 1 kilo watt, it will cost you about $2300! 😎 ! by the way I just check on amazon, there's 1000 watt or 1 kilo watt! and the price only about $600  so for big house that consume 5 kw, you just by 5 this things, and 50 solar panel cell! and that's it! you can power your house with solar system! 😂 and Good news is, since its portable! all you have to do is plug and play! and also you get 1 solar cell 100 watt!  so total cost to build 5kw system are about $8500 and also you don't need to buy controller charger, and also inverter! because portable battery are plug and play! so its friendly user, and good for newbies, that have no idea about electricity , e.g wat Ampere, Volt, Ac.DC or what so ever! 😂

and to be honest, if you dig in, on amazon, I am sure you can save a lot of money! because there's 2500 watt battery only $500! I think its second hand battery! the only problems left is, you have to find cheap solar panels cell! because most of cell panel price about $100 per 100 watt! so if you want 5 kilo watt to power your house, the biggest will be on solar panel cell! 50x100=5000 dollar!

And most company in solar panel industry I think they already know the biggest problems and headache! that is, installing the assembly! that's why some company will short cut that headache by selling portable battery with inverter and charger controller on it! so all you have to do, to get solar panel system, is just plug and play! and that's it! no need to install charger controller, no need inverter or what so ever! because for newbies, if you plug the wrong cable, it can damage the battery!

So if you know nothing about electricity and solar panels! just go to amazon, find solar panel cell with affordable price and also buy some portable battery that have capacity about 2,5 kwh! or 2500 watt! buy 2 battery and 50 solar cell! and that's it! you can power your house with solar energy! 😎 but it will not hurt if you learn about the basic! because when it broken, you can fix easily and buy new controller or maybe the inverter that broken!

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