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Senin, 24 April 2017

Where to buy solar panels for your home

Want to know where to buy solar panels for your home ? check this out guys ! ;) there so many places you can find or even try to find the best solar panels kits! if you just a beginner and don't know a lot of solar panels system you can try small scale, and the best place to start is ebay! in there you'll get a lot of cheap product! in fact with less than $200 you can build your own solar panels system in your home! 

With $200 in your pocket, I think you can buy solar panels cell $100 , Controller charger $16, Portable Battery $99, when you buy portable battery they already have inverter in there! so it can save your time and money! but if you buy normal solar panels battery , you need to buy more inverter! inverter for solar panels will cost you about $100! so if I were you, I will try portable battery! but still you need to buy some cable to make it works with solar panels! and that cable price about $10 or something! 

The second place that I will try is wholesaler and amazon! there's a lot of seller that selling solar panels in amazon! and the price are very cheap! from $10 to $100 for every spare parts! for small scale or for newbie, I think amazon is the best place! but if you want get decent quality try wholesaler! they have best solar panels, that I never saw in amazon! but the price are above $10.000! most of parts are about $2000, and with that kind of spec your solar panels system can give electricity  for the whole house! because with $10 thousand dollar you can build solar panels that can generate 3kilo watt! or equal with 10 pc! average PC will consume about 300 watt!

My suggestion is, if you just curious about how to build solar panels in your home(newbie), or don't have big budget! but you want try go green lifestyle! try amazon or ebay! in there you can get solar panels system with $200!  and if you pass that grade, and want to build decent system for your house, you can upgrade later! but at this moment, try to learn about solar panels! but I am sure if you consume som e-book about solar panels system you will understand the whole idea! but if you don't want spend for an e-book try to dig in, on youtube! most of people already make a video about solar panels DIY, some will give you detail about how to build in small scale!  so I am sure you'll understand how to build it, with your own hand!  but with e-book you will get whole package, and easy to translate for newbie! to be honest, I prefer to buy some e-book, than asking to hundreds people how to build it! 😂 but if you brave enough to asking question about solar panels, I think you can try youtube! 😂

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