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Senin, 24 April 2017

How many solar panels to power a house

Want to know how many solar panels to power a house ? it depend on how many watt that your house needed! for example, average house will consume about 1500 watt per day 1,5 Kw! and most solar panels cell on market the capacity about 100 watt! so in order to power a house, and make all electronic appliances works, at least you will need about 15 solar panels cell, cause each cell have capacity about 100 watt! 

But for several cases it could be different! some seller sell 1000 watt! and and the amount panels cell only 6, so each cell have capacity about 160 watt! but most of panels in market, are 100 watt! maybe the reason why 100 watt average, is because some people that really new and want to test solar panels system, they will try with small scale! so I am not surprise if 100 watt panel cell are very salable! 

To make sure how many panels that you needed, you can check your electricity bills, and how much you pay per month! for example you pay $100 per month, price per 1 KWh are 20 cents!so if you pay $100 per month for electricity, it mean your house consume electricity about 500 KWH month! and then divide 30 days! so your house consume electricity about 16 kilo watt per day!! it mean your house will need system that can produce 16 kw! assuming that you can get 5 hours sun light! then divide 16/5 hours time to charge the battery! so if you have 3,2 Kilo watt solar panels system and you can get 5 hour per day to charge! that system can cover almost 90% your electricity needs!

Remember 3,2 kw are the most basic/standard(try to get 5 kw system) ! because what you should notice is your electricity daily needs, and how many kw your house consume! if its 16 kilo watt, then you must buy battery that have 16 kw capacity! but it doesn't mean you have to buy 160 panels(each 100 watt) ! because if you have 3,2 kilo watt system, and every time you charge per hours, you get 3,2 kilo watt! so in order to cover 16 kilo watt electricity, you only need to charge about 5 hours per day :) that's it!  but if you have a lot of money! sure, you can buy 16 kilo watt panels or 160 panels! 😎 but I can bet, you can't put all your panels cell in your roof top! instead, you'll need football fields! 😎

for detail calculation, you can check all your appliance! for example your PC will consume about 300 watt! light bulb LED 20 watt, TV LCD about 100 watt, refrigerator 200 watt, Air Conditioner about 1000 watt  total use 1620 watt!  so if you want solar panels system to power your house, you will need about 2000 watt! buy 20 panels (each 100 watt)  or 12 panels (each 160 watt) and battery portable that have capacity 2000 watt!

by the way, to build 2000 watt solar panels system, if I don't mistake, it will cost you about 4000 USD! Off grid solar panels kits 1000 watts, price about $1500 x2 =$3000, portable battery about 1000$ for 2000 watt! I think you can get less and save money if you know about solar panels system! try to dig in on Google or youtube! Over all DIY solar panels system can save more money! and it will be less expensive for long run!

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