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Selasa, 25 April 2017

Are Solar Panels Worth the Investment ?

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Want to know, are home solar panels worth the investmen ? check this out guys! ;) at first solar panels are not worth it, especially if we look the cost to build the system are not cheap! yep, its very expensive! 😎 and to build decent solar panels system are worth 6 month salary!  so for normal person like me, its not worth it! 

But for some people out there! Solar panels for your home are really worth it! 😎 why ? ( if you ask) because it can cut your electricity bill up to 50% ! 😎 for example! you pay electricity bill per month $100(500 kwh), in 5 years you will pay about $100x12x5 so in 5 years you should pay, at least $6000 dollar! but if you use solar panels system to power your house! you only pay about$3.494 and 40 cents! 😎

Question, but I don't pay energy bill $100, instead $500, can it save more money ? the answer is yes! because $500 for electricity, mean your home consumption about 2500 kwh every month! to power a house that consume 2500 electricity per month are 10 kilo watt system! and it will cost you about $17.472. but if you use conventional system you have to pay electricity bill about $500x12 month x5 years, so in 5 years you have to pay about $30.000! meanwhile if you power your house with solar panels system, you only pay less than $17.500!

My point is, solar panels for long run it's worth for investment! but of course for average person like me, the cost to build decent system are quite amazing! 😂 especially for people that live in 3rd world! 😂 lol! because In my situation this system are not for me! but if you live in US, UK, Canada or Aussie! you should have this system, cause it save the money a lot!

so the conclusion is, solar panels are worth investment! but you should learn more about the system, because to make it more cheap, you have to cut the labor cost! because the biggest cost are in operational cost! but if you do "DIY" solar panels installation, it can cut your electricity bill for years to come! for several cases it can cut to 25 years!
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