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Minggu, 23 April 2017

How Much Do Solar Panels Save ? The truth is

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Want to know how much  solar panels can save ? check this out guys! if we talk about "go green" lifestyle! most of the time, it doesn't related with saving money or cheaper! because most of the product are new technology and also rare! it mean not many people will use it , and it also mean very expensive! 😎 For example, you pay electricity bill per month about $100 in 5 years you only spend about $6000 usd! 😎 

With $6000 dollar, do you think you can build solar panels system that can cover almost every electronic equipment in your house ? the truth is, you can't! because to build solar panels system with 200 watt it will cost you about $300! 200 watt mean 1 PC, PC consumption about more than 300 watt! so imagine if you have 5 PC! at least you have to build, 1,5Kilo watt or 7 system solar panels! it mean you have to spend about $2100! 😎 oops! it can save! but in reality to build solar system with 1 kw it will cost you about $25 thousand dollars! 

The question is, why I am saying with $2100 you can build solar panel with 1,5 kilo watt ? good question! (if you ask) the answer would be! if you DIY your own solar panels system! it can save a lot of money! but most of the time, you don't do  the complicated things! so you tell people to install solar panels, in your house!as result, they charge you a high fee! i.e $25 thousand USD! 😎

But it would be a lot different, if you look around in your computer! 😆 try ebay, , amazon or even craiglist! some people sell 1 kw solar panels cell only $1400! battery  about $200x10 225 ah, inverter about $25 to $1000 depend on watt and brand, and the last one is controller charger! for small size price only about $10 for 10A! but for good controller charger 80 Amp price about $200! so total cost to build solar panels system are not expensive! at least if your electricity bills about $100 pe rmonth, DIY solar system can be profitable!

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