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Minggu, 23 April 2017

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? and How To get Cheap!

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Want to know how much do solar panels cost ? for sure it would be Expensive! about 25k-35k USD! there are many reason why solar panel installation cost become so expensive! first, most company want to get profit! secondly, they have to pay someone that really expert in solar system! and the last one is, this green technology are very rare, and not many people know about it! in fact, and to be honest guys! even my self have no idea, how to install solar panels system! 😂 but one things for sure, if I read the manual guidance or consume some e-book from experts, soon or later, I can become one of the experts in solar panel installation! and lets, be real solar panel its only about 3 parts! solar cell, portable battery, and Charger Controller! 😂 that's it!

But in order to make the expensive stuff become more legit! is by making that stuff a little bit complicated! 😎 because one things, that I know! complicated mean good, for business! because complicated mean nobody want to try DIY, and it mean profit for company! we all know most company will squeeze every profit from your pocket! so I am not surprise, if some company charge lets say 30k usd, but if you do by yourself i.e DIY solar panels system! you could save ten thousands of dollars! 😎 cool huh!

So the big question is! How to install solar panels system by yourself ? good question! first of all, lets assume, that you and me don't know a 5hit about solar panels!(that's a fact) 😂 but, we have intention how not to get rip off! 😎 so the only reasonable step is, by learning how to do it! you can read manual guidance from some website, or even in youtube!  (check the video bellow how to install solar panels easily! in just a minutes)

I assuming, that you already watch the video, how to install solar panels system, and how to make it works! 😎 so, the next step is, you have to get solar panels system kits! if you want cheap prices, you can get at ebay! or you can try amazon or wholesale solar panel! or wholesales solar oanels I saw some solar panel at amazon will cost you about $137 , and 99 cents! Charger controller price about $25! battery about $143, and the last part is power inverter! the price about $25! but if you buy Solar Panel Power station(portable battery) you don't have to buy the other parts! you only need solar panels cells charger controller and portable battery! that's it! 😂 and the total cost about less than $300!  try to find the best portable battery! because it can cut the complicated stuff! you just need solar panels and portable battery! and that's it! you have free electricity! and you don't need to pay hundreds dollar per month! 😎 or pay $35.000 usd!

Question!, is it $300 solar panel system good enough to cover all electronic stuff in our house ? good question! 😎 well of course not! but if you buy 10 or 20 system! I am sure it can cover everything in your houses! I know it's complicated system! but which one you'll choose! pay some one $35.000! or Do it your self for $15.000!  and by the way! you can get 10 kilo wat! for 15 thousand USD ;)!

Just FYI! to short out the complicated stuff!

Buy solar panels cells! at amazon or ebay! the price about $100, and then buy portable battery or power station for solar panels! the price about $99 or maybe more! why solar panels power station ? because it can cut the complicated stuff, e.g no install inverter charger controller,  setting the cable and etc! try to start with small watt! after you know everything about solar panels system! then you can upgrade to 1 kilo watt! by the way, you can get 1kw solar panels for $1400 😎 so it mean you can get 5kw, less than 10k! but if I were you! I will try to test the system first! after I got the experiences and know the whole system!, then up grade the system! at least you only risk $200!

the last one! before you buy solar panel cell,  try to ask with the seller! which portable battery that fit with their system? I am sure they will point you some good stuff! because most of seller doesn't sell portable charger! they only sell solar panels cell and the cable! Good news is, some battery charger already set with inverter! so you don't need the inverter! but you need to buy some cable to make it works with solar panels! but unfortunately they only available for solar cell under 200 watt! but I am pretty sure,  it change over time, such 2000 watt with inverter and also charger controller in there! because inverter and charger controller are the things that make complicated! so if some company build battery and already set with inverter and charger controller! most people will buy the solar panel cell only!

up date: Recently some company made a battery called plug and play! what you need is only solar panels cell! and then plug in to the battery, and that's it! you ready to go! anyway, I think its cool if some people called that system as Plug and Play! 😂

Another Idea to save solar panels cost! why not try to use credit cards and choose tenor 36 month! in that way you still have real cash! and try to choose 0% interest rate! I am sure some company will give good offer if you spend more than $1000 or something!
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