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Senin, 17 April 2017

Stores Open On Easter Sunday 2017!

stores open on easter sunday

Want to know which stores open on Easter Sunday 2017 ? check it out guys! ;) most of big store majority will closed on public holiday! the reason because of government regulation! but some country will allow food store, drink, and spare part! but for gas station they will open! even on Easter or public holiday! 

What about Star Bucks or mcdonalds? is Starbucks open on easter 2017! yep, they maybe open, since Starbuck are franchise business, they could be open for a half day! for most big business that have huge worker, most of the time, they will closed on public holiday! because the worker need holiday, and to maintain the stress level! .e.g Wall Marts, Macy's, Target, Dillard, Best Buy, Costco, Michael's Stores (most of them will closed on public holidays)

But for small stores, Gas station, Food, Drink and spare part cars! they will be open! the reason simply because even for holiday people will need their services, and Goods! so that's why government allow them to open on restricted day trading!
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