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Selasa, 18 April 2017

How to Tie a Double Windsor Knot Step by Step

Want to know, how to tie a double Windsor knot step by step ?  check this out guys! ;) basically how to do a tie, its not that hard! in fact anyone can do it easily! video above will show you step by step how to do tie a tie!

at first doing a tie to tie, are complicated, but if you practice everyday, you can do a tie, easily by heart! but before you go to that phase, you must practicing tie a tie, frequently! because if you do this, your brain can easily remember this! practice the tutorial above, 10 times or maybe more! after that your brain will understand the right angle how to this, easily without have to think i.e automatically!

the basic principle are same like doing shoelace! it will not easy at first time, but since we do almost everyday, then we getting used to it and without thinking we can do shoelace easily!

By the way guys! focus! don't see the B! instead the tie! ;) lol!

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