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Rabu, 12 April 2017

What Happened With United Airlines ?

what happened on the united flight

curious about united airlines do ? well, if you want to know read this! ;) well, to be exact there's some tragedy on the united flight, some passenger refuse to leave, because he said he have important meeting with his patient!(he's a doctor) but that flight are overbook, so they have to choose 4 passenger to leave the airplane, cause if not, 4 staff united airline don't have seat.

Basically what United Airlines do already based on procedure! they offered $1000 for passenger to leave the airplane! but some ppl refuse to leave the flight! because he have important meeting with his patient! so he just sit there, and don't want to move even for an inch! so united airlines have to call security airport to drag that person from his seat! and that man still don't want to leave! as result, security drag that person forcedly! and his nose bleeding everywhere! 

and some people, record that tragedy and post on twitter! bad news, is it wen viral! yep! 100 million people watch it! and reacted very angry, because what united airlines do are not very wise! and most of them are from china! because that passenger are Chinese American! and the video go viral on Chinese social media i.e Sina Weibo! so in just matter of day, stock price united airlines fall $10, and loss 60 millions USD!  but CEO of united Airlines doing good jobs! he explain 3 times to media, and TV and ask apology because of this tragedy! and they said, this kind of situation will not happen anymore in future!, so the situation getting calm down, market give good response, and the stock price back to normal! 

I can't imagine if united airlines CEO are not quick response on this matter! it could be disaster! as you can see, China are biggest consumer! so it can be a problems for united airlines! especially if they want China market! but the CEO doing Good job! giving good explanation, ask apology and explain the real situation! so I am sure many people will understand with the situation! because if people not know about the real situation, even for me, I can't believe what united airlines do! I just said Wow! that crazy! 😜
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