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Selasa, 23 Mei 2017

Cheap Everstart Marine Battery

If you curious how to get cheap everstart marine battery! find out now! Most Everstart Marine Battery price are about $100 or less! if you buy everstart marine battery 24dc the cheapest price you can get are about $74! at wallmart! and this kind of battery usually have 2 years replacement warranty! you can get replacement if you still have original receipt! of course we all know , that most of us, can't save that old receipt more than 2 years on the same place! but let assuming, you can!

Do you think they will give free warranty without any fee ? never heard about free warranty! 😂 just like smartphone, 10 years warranty! lol! last time, I have smartphone, the price are about $200! less than 1 years, my smartphone having error or something! then go I to their store, because I thought I can get 5 years warranty! but guess what happen! they said, I have to buy some IC about $100! to make my phone on again! so the moral story is, there is no free warranty! especially if we talk about  battery! 

and when some company give warranty it doesn't mean really free! most of them give warranty because to get peoples trust about their product! but in end, there's no free warranty! but of course you can get free if you buy some parts from them! i.e marketing tactic! 

so the question is, how to fix that problems! and have no worry if my battery got broken before 1 year! or is there anyway to get cheap battery? the answer would be! yes! actually you can get any battery for cheap prices! al you have to do is buy second use battery or even dead battery! but of course, you need to learn a little about how to reconditioning battery easily ! to be honest learn about battery have a lot of benefit! especially if you use battery for solar panels system! because what make solar panels system so expensive simply because the battery price are more than $10.000! and of course some people sell battery less than $1000! but it would be great if you know how to reconditioning old battery into new and make it into good performance! imagine if you buy $10.000! less than 5 year your battery got broken! I am sure you will confused, because you don't know how simple to fix it!  next time I will try to cover how to fix battery! 

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