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Kamis, 18 Mei 2017

CBNA credit card Code

cbna credit card

You got CBNA on your credit card report ? check it out guys! what's that mean ;) if you have CNBA in your credit card, it can be 3 things! first CBNA could be mean, Citibank, North America! or Credit Bureau of North America! its a source of credit inquiry! if you just buy some stuff, from Home depot, or Best buy! then you'll get code report CBNA! so you have nothing to worry about it! 

But if you curious you can call to your credit card company ! and ask them, about the detail, why there's a CBNA code in your credit report! because CBNA not always Citibank North America! just for precaution, just call  Costumer service, and ask! especially if you not buy anything from home depot or best buy! 

For me personally I will call, them, cause if not, I can't sleep! and who know some weird people use my CC to buy some weird stuff on the internet! 😂 better to call and spend a few cents, rather than sorry!
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