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Kamis, 25 Mei 2017

Chevron Texaco Credit Card Review

Chevron Texaco Credit card

To be honest with you guys Chevron Texaco Credit cards are not Ideal Cards, because first of all, they have high APR 27% for purchases, and 29% for cash advances and of course, with 5% fee! their annual fee about $25! to be honest with you guys, credit cards that have APR more than 14% for purchases, are bad idea! why ? well, first of all, most of credit cards owner transaction are with purchasing and its rare to do cash advances! that's why most of top credit cards company will charge high APR about 24% for cash advances! but for purchases, they only charge APR about 14%! 

But of course, chevrontexaco credit card also have benefit if you use that cards, to buy fuels! especially if you big fans of Chevron, then using their cards are the most reasonable ways to get 10 cents per 1 Galon! or maybe no ? 😂 

Guys, if we want better offer with low APR, No annual fee! my suggestion is try federal credit union! most of them are have good offer! some will give you 8% APR with credit limit up to $30.000! so imagine if you have 10 cards with other credit union company! I am sure, you have $300.000 cash flow to run your business! to be honest, if I have $300 k, maybe I will consider to open my own gas station with Chevron! 😂 lol! by the way, if I don't mistake Chevron have Credit Union! or cfcu chevron! try them! to get better APR and of course credit limit! 😎

anyway most of company that not specialize in credit cards or non banking company! most of the time they don't have great access to big bank funding! so that's why most their APR have high APR such 29% to 36%! imagine if you spend $10.000 for cash advances with them! in 3 years you have to pay 100% interest rates! but if you dealing with federal credit union, you can get best APR with big credit limit! but of course, you need to have high credit score! to get approved with them! if you have bad credit score, or just start with CC stuff(no credit history)! try secured credit cards, and build your score! and most of them will give you credit report! after you seen your credit report increase more than 700! then apply credit cards with federal credit union!and that's it! you have big cash flow to run medium business! 😎

Remember credit cards money are not to satisfy your shopping hobby! instead good for business and make your cash flow increase more smoothly! and to be honest, $30.000 money just to shop ? seriously! you'll not last for good! 😂
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