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Senin, 15 Mei 2017

CPCC Debit Card How to get it?

cpcc debit card

Cpcc debit card basically are additional feature from Central Piedmont College for their students, as student they also need to pay some something! such as semester fee, tuition,courses, books and etc! and to make it more easier, CPCC work together and make partnership with bank mobile and provide their student with debit cards!

If you a student in CPCC and want to get CPCC credit card you can get this easily, by checking CPCC MyCollege account and if fund available in there you'll get notification! and   after that you'll get personal code to activated CPCC debit card! so basically after you deposit some money to my college account you will get another code, to activated your bank mobile account! and you have to fill the code before the debit card send it to your mail! so after get the code finish up quickly and that's it! just wait the debit card, after that you can use to buy anything! at store that receive Mastercard logo! but of course you need some fund in your account in order to purchase anything!

Basically its not a new stuff, its just debit card that connected with college account, usually will get lower bank fee! and sometime it could be free! and no administration fee or what so ever! its help both party, either its student and also bank mobile get more costumers, so its win win solution! 

anyway, some merchant or e commerce store sometime accept debit card! so its could be handy in your college activity! who knows right , maybe you want to purchase some books at amazon or something! 😂 because in amazon they have almost every books! and sometime your professor sell their books at amazon!  but my point is, debit card are useful especially if you hate to carry real cash in your pocket!
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