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Selasa, 16 Mei 2017

Dinar Gurus Recap! Invest or no ?

iraqi Dinar

If you want to bet on Dinar, I Think its not bad Idea, since we all know Iraq  are strategic place and have a lot of oil! as we all know many country will fight for oil, because oil its not renewable energy or limited commodity, so that's why oil price are quite high! in short, buy dinar are same like buy oil!  and if I have to be honest there are no other reason why bet on dinar beside oil! and lets be real, what make middle east rich it's simply of OIL! 😎 To be honest with you, I am not Dinar Gurus, but I am quite sure, 99% dinar will come back to its track! if you buy and hold dinar, I am sure in the next 10-20 years, you will make nice profit! 

The only reason why dinar investor until this time not making any profit is because Iraq situation are not in good condition! a lot of rebel, civil war and etc! and that make Iraq unstable, and its effecting their economy performance! but once they get settle and fix everything from the start! with oil help, they can go back to the top performance! 

But I have to tell you investing in Dinar are quite risky in fact very high risk, since Iraq are strategic place, so somebody or some one, will not let Iraq come back to normal! and that will be a problem for dinar investor! for me personally, when I see Iraq, they have hard situation! first is civil war, secondly they have strategic place, and third is oil! yep! oil can help, but on the other hand, its can be a problems! its just like you have gold, and you live in the jungle! what you think will happen ? do you think when some one  see you wearing a gold necklace, they will only starring ?   and said, hey bro! nice necklace! 😎 well, if you live in a city, there is a police! but when you live in jungle! wearing a gold necklace mean you asking to be rob! 😂 lol! 

but my point, is! Iraq have hard situation! since they rich with oil and also as strategic place in the middle east! so not many people will be happy if Iraq situation become stable! for some people stable mean not profitable!

If you typical safety first for investment! and don't like to take high risk! forget about dinar! but if  Iraq create new Government, I mean real Government! if that happen, there's a chance Iraq will get settle and their economic situation will getting better! then you can bet your money into iraqi Dinar! but before that happen! don't bet your money on dinar! because what make a currency become so valuable is simply because of demand!  but demand always related with productivity!(exchange their currency to buy their product) so if war still happen! demand will not happen! in short! betting your money on Dinar are very High risk! 

My guess is, Iraqi dinar have long way to go!but if they create new government and the situation become more stable! no war, no bomb, and etc there is a chance in the next 5-10 years dinar price will back to normal! the key important in here is stable!
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