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Senin, 22 Mei 2017

First Savings Credit Card apply

First Savings Credit Card

If you want apply with first savings credit card read this first!  first of all, if you have bad credit! maybe this card is right for you! but since, I want to be fair to everyone, lets be real, shall we ! 😎 Imagine like this! if you have bad credit, and most company want to avoid your application, meanwhile some company send you invitation to apply, what you think about them ? good or bad ?  of course, since you nice people, you will tell, these kind of company are nice one! 😂 or maybe no?

I am sure, some of you already know the idea about not top tier company! yep! they will accept application with bad credit! but the question is, how and why they accept people with bad credit score ? well, it could be long story to tell, if we go into details! but one things for sure! they know you need credit cards, but you can't get best offer! still from their perspective you will try to get another credit cards! 

and because of that reason most company that allow people with bad credit! most of them will charge high APR! usually 2 times more than average! and not only that, usually your credit limit will be low as $1000 or less! but hey what can you expect from company that allow people with bad credit ? right ?

To be honest with you guys, it's really hard to get best offer from top credit card company, if you have bad credit score! because low score mean, you have high potential risking their business! and because of that reason top company will not do business with you! simply because your score are not qualify! so, the question is, how to  fix this situation? well there are simple way, and also hard way to fix this situation! the most reasonable way, is by applying secured credit cards, to increase your score! after times! your score will increase and qualify to be approved with top credit cards company!, but of course! if you can manage your CC bills on time for more than 1 years, amount Owed, Credit Mix, and for how long you play credit cards!(it cover more than 85% fico score) ! if you take this path! usually in less than 2 years, your score will increase and you can get best offer from top credit cards company! it mean low APR, High credit limits and etc! 

But if you want to choose the easy way! you can borrow your girls friend name! or maybe your wife, or husband! especially if they have high score! for sure, you can get best credit cards in industry! e.g Citi, Discover it,Barclaycard, and etc!  anyway guys! if you don't mind with First saving APR which is 29% , Annual Fee about $75, late payment fee about $25, credit limit from $300 to $1500! if you okay with first saving offer! then go a head and apply with them in here!  (

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