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Senin, 08 Mei 2017

Forex Trading Demo Account Contest

forex demo account contest

Want to know, about forex demo account contest ? check it out guys! ;) to be honest finding contest that not required real account, are not that hard! in fact many broker company doing this kind of promotion to attract new clients! so, I am not surprise if most broker company will do this kind of promotion to increase their sales! and Good news is, some brokerage company will have no limitation to access their demo account! it mean, you can use demo account as portfolio to get forex investor! 

Some investor actually don't care about real account or demo account! as long your trade have positive profit with decent draw dawn level! some of them will have interest with you guys! of course not all investor like demo account, but some of them are!

Anyway back to topic!  if we talk about demo contest that have real money prize! actually a lot of company doing this event! you can check my FX book forum! sometime fxbook carry out some contest from forex company! because fx book forum have a lot of member! i.e forex trader! and most of them that hang out in there, are real trader, and some hedge fund! so it could be good promotion fore forex company!

the second place, that I will look for is, Dukascopy Bank! try to register with them and read their rules! sometime, I join their contest, because you don't need to put real money, to get money with them! and good news is, they set up a contest almost every week! but the winner that have big prize are calculate base on yearly performance! so if you have good score contest every week and month! in the end of year! you'll get big money! 😂 so basically its like, practice your forex skills and get capital to trade with real account!  

 other forex company that you can check is, InstaFx, LiteFX, Octa, Alpari, FBS and etc! but this 5 company, almost every month always organize some contest! though the price are not big such as thousand dollar or something! if I don't mistake the price about $100 sometimes $500, but average less than thousand dollar! but for me personally its good price considering you don't need spend real money to enter their contest! 

But if you want to make big money, you can try FXCM or IG contest! they have good prize up to $5000 dollar for the winner! but, you have to use real account to enter their contest! because they will not accept demo account! and you must be their clients, because the price will be transfer directly to your trading account! just FYI, their contest are not monthly event, so you only get notice if you one of their clients! I think its kind of promotion, so their client can increase their trade to win the contest! and as result, trading transaction can increase, and company profit can also rise! because most forex contest most of the time will need a lot of transaction and you can win with buy and hold strategy! you need to scalp every profit to win this contest! but unfortunately in forex worlds! you just can scalp and get money! 😂 but who knows right ? you can do differently from other trader!

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