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Sabtu, 13 Mei 2017

Forex Broker with Low Minimum Deposit

forex broker with low minimum deposit

Which forex broker with low minimum deposit ? well, actually many forex broker will allow you to trade with minimum deposit as low as $5! it mean if you only have $5 in your pocket! you still can, trade forex with them! a few broker, that I know ! you can trade minimum deposit with them, such as Oanda, Agea, FXCM,Insta, liteforex and etc! but over all almost every forex broker have option with minimum deposit as low as $5!

For new trader low minimum deposit can be a magnet from them! good news is, almost every broker company realize this situation! that's why most of them will give offer to minimum deposit! and hopefully new trader will join the bandwagon! 

If you new trader, you can take this offer! and try to bet your $5 and start trading forex with real money! and good news is, minimum deposit means mini account! so your mt 4 will have lowest leverage so you can trade your $5! I already try with Agea, and deposit $5! I trade with them and make some profit! but the profit are very low, as 0001 cents! 😂 but just like I said! low deposit are for testing purpose! and want to try how it feel, to trade with real money!

after you already getting used to it! try with hundreds dollar or more! in forex the different between demo account with $5 deposit with real money are no different at all! but once you bet thousands dollar(ten times from your monthly salary)! the feeling are quite different! 😎 the depression, pressure, greed and fear are devastating! 😎 and once get there! just remember, your capital are nothing! it mean, if you to easy to open new position, I can sure you , your account will not last for long! but there's a good news! most of trader lost money! so if your account gone! don't be so sad! after all you and me are just like everyone else! 😎
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