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Sabtu, 06 Mei 2017

How Much is a PIP Worth in Forex Trading

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Want to know how much is a pip worth in forex trading ? check it out guys! ;) well, it depend on many factors! from account type, mini or standard! and also which leverage you choose! 400:1 or 500:1!  for example if you have $1000 in forex account, and choose leverage 200:1, and you trade EUR/USD pair at 1.0985 you short that pair, and make profit at 1.0970! so you get 15 pip! 15 pip forex worth about $1000:200x15 point! it mean you get $75! 😎 

most of the time, default leverage without setting or ask to costumer service! are 500:1!  if we translate its (total deposit)1:500!  because in forex, they can move from 25 point  to 200 point per day! so if you choose, 100:1! if you loss 100 point/pips it mean your account gone, for good! 😎 but if you choose 500:1 market will need 500 point to burn your account into ashes! 😎

Just Fyi! in case you don't know about Pips! pip mean point! some people will say, percentage in point! and some people will say, profit in point! but the simple meaning is point! for example, you trade EUR/USD at 10985, you buy and wait the price go to 10999! you make 14 pips! yep, 14 point! but to knowing how much pips worth, or how much 14 pips are ? you just divide with leverage that you choose, and then  multiply with your total pips! 

To be honest with you! term in forex sometime can make a confusion! but after you trade a couple of month! trust me! you will know that little things! and how to calculate , and for where they come from! lol! 😂

To be honest with you guys! at first when I trade forex, I never knew what is leverage! pips spread or what so ever! but after I trade more than 2 years! to be honest! I still I don't Understand that kind of term! all I know is, leverage mean scale of our account!(1:10, 1:20 1:50 etc.) pip mean points, spread mean difference or distance!

but after I read some manual guide from some broker webpages, finally I don't get it! 😂😂 still! because their language and my are almost same! they just make that term more complicated! so noobs out there can amaze with that kind of term! but I do realize in every industry most of the time, they have their own term! and some of term, have different meaning with etymology! but don't worry! as long your trade profit! it doesn't matter at all! but of course if you trade with virtual account! I think it could be matter! 

anyway guys, I hope my complicated explanation can answer your question! 😂 or maybe not ?
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