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Senin, 08 Mei 2017

Most Profitable Forex Robot AI

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Want to know, most profitable forex robot AI ? check it out guys! ;)  well, if I have to be honest with you guys, its hard to believe the existence of profitable robot! there are many reason why I am skeptical about the term of "profitable robot "  😎 first, if its true, for sure! they will not sell it on the market! at least not for cheap prices! secondly, if we talk about fx robot, most of the time, their robot will stop, or need to stop when big news coming, and most seller will give suggestion to stop or turn off the robot to avoid high impact news!

Until today, there's no coder that can build a robot, and have capability to analyze economic news! that's the first problems! because almost everyday forex always have important news, from Monday to Friday! secondly no profitable robot that exist in market! maybe some people have great success with his robot! but most of the time, they will not sell it! I know the reason why most of them won't sell it! 😎  because the concept of profitable robot are easy! 😂 I know a little about that concept! but I will not talk about that in here because of 1 or 2 reason! 

Anyway if we talk about profitable robot in forex industry! that robot should be or can, or have capability to analyze market! if she/he can build! that kind of robot, maybe just for 1 minutes, I will listen and have desire to test that robot! unfortunately most of them, that already know about that stuff, they will hide that product! but if we talk about robot, that can make consistence profit, with decent draw dawn level! maybe you can find it! and if the price about $100 or $200, I think it will not hurt to give it try and test their product! after all, if you can make decent profit! $100 or 200 dollar are nothing! 😎

so the big question is, where to find it! and how to build the most profitable forex! since the most profitable EA will not exist in  any market! try to understand and find your own strategy! find the best strategy to make profit, and then convert that strategy into EA or robot! you can find forex coder or programmer at Mql5 forum! you can hired fx coder in there! and also you can get decent prices!  as low as $100! but it will depend on difficulty level! if your EA to complex! they will charge more money! but if your EA are simple, they don't mind to help you and get $100 payment! I am sure, they just can copy the code into EA! 

But if you still can't find the most profitable strategy! try to find good trader, that can make consistence profit! Ask them to share their strategy! or have willingness to convert their strategy into EA robot! if they okay with that! you can ask, their formula, or analysis that they always use! because making forex robot basically convert their indicator into auto mode! so, basically the different between robot and manual is the auto transaction! but still they using the same analysis! for more detail about how to build forex robot! you can ask the experts! or you can buy some courses or software to make EA! if I don't mistake, some people sell these kind of product! but I forget their website names! 😂 But I am sure with help of google, you cna find almost immediately! anyway, thanks for reading! Ciao guys! 😎

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