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Senin, 22 Mei 2017

FPB cr Card Good or Bad ?

FPB cr card

FPB cr card Good deal or bad deal ? if we talk about non top credit card company! most of the time, you'll get a headache with them! 😎 why ? well first of all, from the first beginning you doing business with them, actually they already know! that you have bad credit score! it mean you have high potential to risking their business! Low credit score mean, you have problems dealing with your debt! because the whole score calculation basically its all about amount of your owed and how good you manage your debt and how long! so basically most credit cards company can tell, if someone have bad credit score mean, you can't handle your own debt!

That's why most of these company! actually, if you doing business with them you'll in hard position! e.g High Annual fee about $125! APR 36% , fee for cash advances transaction about 5% , and worse their credit limit are very low! under $1000! but for starter about $300-$500!  from my perspective! if we borrow money with limit $500, meanwhile they charge annual fee about $125, and fee 5%! to be honest with you guys! I don't wanna deal with that kind of situation! but what can you do ? since you have bad credit score, and most company don't want to borrow their money! so, If I were you, I am in hard situation! 

If you want to fix these situation, here's my suggestion! stop your hobby for a while! stop spending money that you don't have it!  apply with Top secured credit score company! and it can be any company that can give good offer with their fee! and your goal applying secured credit cards, is because you have to build your credit score from the beginning! so make sure you can manage your debt and always pay your credit cards bills on time! after 1-2 years, for sure you can increase your FICO credit score! and usually Credit cards company will start to call you and, give good offer to do business with them! e.g Low APR, High Credit limit, Free Annual fee and so on! 

But if you can manage your debt with secured credit cards! then I am sure no company want to do business with you!  and the Idea to apply with secured credit card company is because you have to train yourself to manage your own debt, and increase your credit score! if you can do this well, then I am sure! credit cards company will start to call you, give you best APR,  give you good offer and so on! 😎

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