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Jumat, 19 Mei 2017

Helzberg Diamond Credit Card Review

helzberg credit card

Helzberg credit card are Jewelry specialization, so I am not surprise if their brand name are helzberg diamonds credit card! I think its not bad Idea, since most people will end in marriage! at least once of their life time, they will buy some jewelry! unfortunately jewelry price are not cheap! so, I think Helzberg focus in that market! i.e Marriage!

If we talk about Credit Card most of company will give you 0% Interest rates for promotion! so Helzberg also doing the same things! but what you must realize, if you not pay full in a years (late or delay payment)! most of credit cards will charge interest rate APR about 13% to 24 %! the only different between other credit card with Helzberg is, they will charge the Top interest rates! i.e 24% instead 13% ! 

If I have to be honest, I don't see any weird stuff or hidden fee from Helzberg! but of course, their APR double than Citi APR! but we also know, not everyone can get approval with Citibank! but with Helzberg they can lower their standard , and fast approval! so, if you have low credit score, and hard to get top credit card company! there's nothing wrong to apply with Helzberg! or you can try with similar company such as mypremiercreditcard.com most of company like these, actually already realized! there is some people that less than perfect to obtain credit cards! and that kind of people are their markets!

But of course, their fee will be double than other top credit card company! the key factor with credit cards, basically what you need is to pay on time and choose the best tenor(6 month, 1 years, 36 month)! no delay or late payment! if you think you can do this, without problems, then I am sure! you will not having any problems with them! but of course, in real life sometime 5hit can happen! 😎  and most of credit card company, already realize from 100 people, 5-10% will make late payment! 😂  and when it happen, they make nice profit! to be honest! I don't blame with this kind of idea! after all we have all have to make some profit!

Just my suggestion! if you have lower credit score! try to apply with them! and if you want to use credit card from them, choose longer term! such as 36 month payment! because with longer term, you will get much lower APR! about 7.99%! and always remember, using credit card for urgent matter! not to buy some stuff, or daily needs! because if you do this, for sure, you will have big problems!
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