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Minggu, 21 Mei 2017

Iddeal Credit Card Review

Iddeal credit card

Before you apply Iddeal credit card Read my review first! ;) I assuming you want to buy a diamond ring for your wife? because Iddeal Credit card, are the most reasonable ways to give nice present without spending 3 month salary in one payment! because spending $5000 dollar cash to give to your wife actually are quite hard! I mean if you have option to pay with credit cards, why not ? right! but it doesn't mean we all man are cheapskate! at least by using Credit cards, we still have real cash to spend for daily needs! 

To be honest with you, Iddeal Credit Card APR are little bit high than other company, that specialize in jewelry! because as far as I know Helzberg Credit cards, only charge about 24%! meanwhile Iddeal APR are 29% ! maybe not that much since the different only about 5%!

But the Good news is, they have intro APR 0%, for first purchases! it can be 24 month, 36 month, 48, or 60 month! as long you not late to make payment, then you safe! but if you late even for once, then you have to pay normal APR i.e 29% ! here's the tricky part! can you pay on time for 2 or 3 years every month ? if you sure you can do it then applying their card are no problems! but if you not sure to make on time payment for 2-4 years! or if you think 29% APR are to much! then don't apply their cards! because if you apply with them, and choose  24 month tenor! and you late making payment! it mean, your diamond price are no longer $5000, instead $7000! because they charge 29% per years! so 24 month tenor mean they will charge more than 50% interest rates!

If I were you and don't have a lot of option! meanwhile my wife already ask and beg $5000 diamond rings! then I don't have any other choice to get their cards! 😂  but make sure, you not late paying your CC bills! because if you do! you have to spend about 3 month salary just for a present! 😂
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