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Kamis, 18 Mei 2017

Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center Are they Really Good ?

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Curious about kleiman evangelista eye center ? well, I have work experiences in medical Industry! so I know how they work and the system! 😎 in short, I can tell whether they good or bad! or really 5uck so bad! first of all if we want to go eye center, we have to ask ourself why we need to go there! is it urgent or not ? if you have limited budget like me, these kind of question are must! because until today medical industry can't cure totally some disease! because if they fix head parts! the problems will go to the belly! and so on! 

Here's a real example! if you have problems with your eyes! got minus! then you use eye glasses! your vision will get better, right?  is it cure ? heck! no! 😂  next year, your minus will increase! see, what I am talking about! 😎 here's another example! you got problems with your heart! you drink some beta blocker! your heart getting better! if you consume for long periods of times! your kidney will have new problems! 😂 Weird huh!  

Ok back to main topic about Eye center! as far as I know when some people go to the eye center! most of them have serious issue! but some people will go there, because they want to get better treatment from experts! if you have lot of money, then it's your right to get best treatment! so if you want to get best treatment, the thing you must know is how many experts they have and what specialization they have! for good eye center, they must have OD(Optometrist) and MD(ophthalmologist)! when I go to Kleiman Evangelista Eye Center and check their team, they have about 11 MD and 8 OD! and tens of medical staff!  that's a good indication that they good solid team member as eye center! 

Basically choosing best eye center is same like choosing university! if they have a lot of professor! they must be good! because experts salary for specialist are expensive! so if they have a lot of experts, 99% they must be good! at least in the first beginning they already spend a lot of money! so its not just a cheapskate eye center! 😂, because when they spend big budget! it mean they consider about long term business, brand to protect and etc! and these kind of organization, most of the time have good work ethic! but just like I said before! no matter how good they are! human always have limitation! but for sure, they are above average! 😎😎 

The key factor to consider as good eye center are rely on how many specialist and what kind of specialist that they have! if they have all! they must be real good! 😎
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